Sarah  Mace 

Sarah is deeply passionate about leading talented teams, developing people and building modern marketing and communications strategies and services.

Experienced in creating positive disruption and leading teams through change, Sarah has experience in transformation, marketing and campaign strategy, creative development and digital strategy. 

The better your culture, the better your user experience

Can we ever really deliver great user experiences if the culture behind the service isn't great? 

For years now, working on designing products and services has always resulted in me supporting a shift in the team and/or organisation's broader culture and ways of working. To some, the link and necessity seems obvious, but to others it's perhaps a little more of a mystery as to why the 'digital team' are leading large scale change management programmes and in some cases designing new organisational operating models. 

The practicalities associated with this link can be tricky. As designers or transformation specialists we are often brought in to 'fix a thing' or 'build something shiny', and there often isn't the awareness of the inevitable need to tackle the blockers that pop up from behind cultural walls. 

In this session, I'll explore this link and why I believe that it's all of our jobs to support stronger, more positive cultures for the employee experience but also for our users' experiences too. We'll ponder on how we do this when it often feels out of our remit and reach.