Natalie  Pearce 

Natalie is a Culture Designer, expert Facilitator and Co founder of The Future Kind Collective - a culture consultancy with the service design expertise to create kinder, fairer, better employee experiences for every stage of company growth. She loves putting people first, from developing (excellent) end-to-end employee experiences to crafting growth-proof team cultures.

When she's not strategising with her Partner in Purpose - her cofounder, Alicia - she likes designing engaging workshops and delivering killer keynotes. During her consultancy career, she's led projects for Insights, Amnesty International, BP, MasterCard, DVSA, Fidelity, HSBC, ITV and Pizza Hut. Find her on LinkedInInstagramMedium and Twitter, where she talks about well-being, culture, leadership, the future of work and entrepreneurship

From CX to EX: Good culture needs good design

Great customer experiences don’t happen by chance. They happen by design. The same goes for great company cultures. This means using human-centred research to understand your employees, their needs and how to motivate them to bring the best of themselves to work. It means putting your values into practice by turning them into measurable behaviours and reinforcing rituals, because great employee experiences begin with liveable values. It means using tried and tested design principles to create employee experiences that are just as amazing as your customer experience, through cleverly designed processes and systems that turn gaps into goals and deliver company-growing action. Want to find out what this means in practice? Join Nat where she will share her story of going from CX to EX and how ALL designers can contribute to creating better workplaces by turning their skills internally.