Deborah  Dada 

Deborah is a business-driven UX designer with a passion for creating meaningful experiences through design. Her journey in the tech ecosystem has been diverse and enriching, as she specialises in crafting solutions across various domains.

Beyond her day-to-day work, Deborah is deeply committed to fostering growth within the tech community. As the organiser of Google Developer Group, Birmingham and Tech Meetup Birmingham, she contributes to creating a vibrant and collaborative space for tech enthusiasts. Deborah finds immense joy in mentoring young individuals who are eager to explore careers in the tech ecosystem.

One of Deborah's true passions is moderating tech panel sessions globally. This allows her to facilitate insightful discussions, bringing together diverse perspectives from industry leaders. Whether it's unpacking the latest trends, exploring emerging technologies, or discussing the challenges and opportunities within the tech landscape, Deborah thrives on creating engaging and informative panel sessions.

Currently, Deborah serves as a product designer at Storelab, where she continues to apply her skills in crafting exceptional user experiences to impact product success.

Panel discussion: Designing Inclusive Digital Experiences: Navigating Challenges and Embracing Diversity

In an era where digital experiences permeate every area of our lives, inclusive design has become more pronounced than ever. This panel session seeks to unravel the complexities and unveil the opportunities embedded in the pursuit of creating digital experiences that genuinely cater to the diverse needs of users.

Key focus areas:

  • Delve into strategies for understanding the diverse perspectives that users bring to the digital realm.
  • Examine the inherent biases that can infiltrate the design process and hinder inclusivity.
  • Showcase how emerging technologies can be harnessed to empower users with diverse abilities.
  • Emphasise the value of continuous user feedback in refining and enhancing digital experiences.

Participants in this session can expect to gain actionable insights into the practical aspects of inclusive design. The discussion aims to  offer real-life tangible strategies for overcoming challenges and fostering diversity in digital creations. By the end of the panel, attendees will be equipped with an understanding of inclusive design principles and the tools needed to champion inclusivity in their respective domains.