Camp Digital Accessibility and Inclusion Principles

These principles provide a framework to help us design and deliver physical spaces that are accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.

While these principles are not strict rules or regulations, they serve as reference points to ensure accessibility and inclusion are considered and incorporated throughout our event planning process. We have co-created these principles with representatives from a diverse group of people with lived experience and experts in delivering inclusive events.


  • Champion accessibility and inclusion for all at Camp Digital.
  • Consider the full experience of people attending the event and make the whole day as easy to navigate as possible. 
  • Recognise and respect difference to help ensure everyone is included in our conversations.
  • Design welcoming spaces that cater for a diversity of access needs.
  • Be representative of people with lived experience and reflect the diversity of our audience in our communications.
  • Respect a person’s perspective and preferences.
  • Have support in place so that everyone feels confident to advocate for accessibility and inclusion.
  • Provide clear and timely event information.
  • Be specific when discussing accessibility provision to avoid confusion and provide reassurance.
  • Provide helpful wayfinding that’s direct, well-lit and thoughtfully placed.
  • Listen to the concerns of those with access needs and provide help.
  • Be transparent and honest about changes, explaining when, why and how they’re happening.
  • Be helpful and open.
  • Leave a positive impression.
  • Share what we learn to help enable other communities.