Lou  Downe 

Pronouns: They/Them

Lou Downe is author of Good Services, the bestselling book on how to design services that work and the founding director of the School of Good Services, an organisation that helps people to build the skills they need to design and scale great services.

They are the former Director of Design for the UK Government where they founded the discipline of service design, growing a 2000 strong team of designers into one of the largest, and most influential design team’s in the UK - winning a Designs of the Year award and a D&AD lifetime achievement award.

Bad services: Why services fail and what we can do to make them work

It can be hard to work out why great ideas don’t get implemented, harder still to do something about it.

This talk demystifies the reasons why, despite their best efforts, most organisations are still struggling to deliver good services, and discusses practical next steps on the future role of service design in solving this problem