Rachel  Morgan-Trimmer 

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer is a neurodiversity consultant. She delivers talks and training sessions to demystify neurodiversity and to help organisations be more inclusive. Empowering people to comfortable and confident about neurodiversity is at the heart of what her company does, and she's a keen promoter of the business case for inclusion. Rachel is autistic and has ADHD. She loves nature, food, and info-dumping about one or more of her special interests.

How to exploit autistic people*

Autistic people bring a huge range of skills and talents to the workplace. But how do you ensure you're attracting and getting the most out of autistic staff? In this insightful talk, you will learn what it's like to be autistic, why autistic people are an asset, and how to ensure they're able to work at their best.

*Yes, it's a joke