Growing our accessibility capabilities: introducing Molly Watt to Nexer Digital's UX team

Headshot of Hilary Stephenson

Managing Director

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We’ve been working with Molly Watt over the last couple of years to help raise awareness and skills around digital accessibility. We first met Molly after we invited her to be the closing keynote at Camp Digital in 2016. Since then, we have collaborated on a number of events and campaigns together and delivered training to teams who want to improve the accessibility of their products or design inclusive services.

We are now delighted to announce that Molly is joining Nexer Digitalin the new year as a Usability and Accessibility Consultant.

This has been a long time in discussion, as we were keen to give Molly the freedom to continue her work as an inclusive design ambassador, both for the Molly Watt Trust and the other organisations for whom she is a spokesperson. That said, we want to see Molly continue to grow as a vital voice in our industry, so this is our chance to do that together, in a productive and meaningful way, that extends far beyond talking.

Chris Bush, our Head of Experience Design, has been delivering talks and workshops with Molly over the last two years:

Molly brings with her a passion for inclusion that is captivating and an energy that inspires project teams to take immediate action. Over the next year, Molly will be working with our established accessibility team, helping new and existing clients to improve their inclusive design strategies, user research, and services delivery capabilities

On her new role as a Usability and Accessibility Consultant with Nexer Digital, Molly said:

I have a lot to thank Apple Watch for. As a result of my first Apple Watch blog, Hilary at Nexer Digital asked me to be the closing speaker at Camp Digital that year, it was not only an awesome event but just the beginning of me working alongside Chris and his team. It was clear to me we both share a passion and vision in accessibility, usability and design and I’m delighted to have been asked to become a regular and more permanent part of the team. I see this as a great opportunity to enrich my knowledge and ability, to grow and to provide more to clients, to my charity and those in need.

We owe it to Molly, and all our team, to invest in their personal development and job satisfaction and in return, we expect great things from them. Molly will start in the new year in a part-time role, dividing her time between the Nexer Digital Macclesfield and Cambridge offices and our clients. We can’t wait. Also, this means a second office dog.