In conversation with Claire Cooper

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Managing Director

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Welcome to our inclusive healthcare insights series, where we look at some of the barriers and opportunities people face when they access and use public health services and digital tools. Here, we talk to Claire Cooper and hear her story of accessing healthcare.

Access to health services

As we believe in the power of storytelling to aid our user research and discovery work, we have started to compile some positive (and not so positive) experiences of health and care.

We feel this is a great way to frame problems as well as show how people have embraced digital technology to improve their lives. This includes a number of access stories, where we explore the patient experience initially. We will follow up with interviews from people working in the health system, across a range of design, commissioning and delivery roles.

Our first interview was with Claire Cooper, who kindly chatted about her experience as a patient with our Managing Director, Hilary.

Claire has a condition called Usher Syndrome, which means she is severely sight impaired and deaf. Claire has a service dog, Minnie, who also played an enthusiastic role in our chat on the day.

The interview explored the ways in which Claire receives information, how she would prefer to communicate and her experience of clinical appointments where her condition, and the communication needs it leads to, were perhaps not always understood.

We will be sharing more stories as the #InclusiveHealth insights series develops. We would love to get your suggestions on who you'd like to hear from and we very much welcome any sharing you can do to amplify their stories.

Sorry gentlemen but with regards to the
ladies smear test cervical smear test
they send a letter out in normal small
font the question it's your time why
they should know why I'm officially in
bed that is quite a crucial thing for a
lady my age is nothing necessarily on
your record that determines how people
communicate with you just different
services I've had to fight to have
anything in large font and then when it
has happened I've got two pages of a3
paper things about that big now someone
with tunnel vision that doesn't know so
yeah so it's gone one end to the other
without actually asking me what funk you
need what color paper do you need how
come you let me do it digitally can we
do it you know phone call you know just
all those little questions once in a
blue moon just done on you know when
they ask for you update it seems simple
doesn't it yeah so I guess that again
could be connected with in with this
little binary syncing you get the large
Pony if you fall in one category you
don't get it if you if you knowing that
as a group
you know website built around
accessibility not the website built and
then as excess money on bad because
website that did that it doesn't work it
doesn't integrate with everything on
that website certain parts you might be
access but the part you might not what
kind of forms especially not to lean but
the NHS websites easiest I've had to
phone them up ass performs and the only
don't didn't form online but there was
nowhere for me to send it so I rang the
mothers and they are sending us it will
initially pay enough just money to fill
in this whole form dreamed it all in
filled it in
all it needs a signature systems limited
no but I might books I'm going to the
signature oh no it needs to come in by
opposing us but obviously there and the
only option they could give me was asked
not to do it for me now this is a
personal NHS for that I had to fill in
and they had to send it large print on
paper which is back to the name three
giant size and but that's that's not the
yes okay they might have ticked that
accessibility side for them but what
about being able to just do it online
have it all integrated you can fill in
some font online funny look you can fill
in but that one worked fine and I could
send that one but an actual Health Forum
I had to ring and then get its own large
font even though I'd managed to pan and
zoom fill it all in
um on the internet all that literally
means Theresa send it they wouldn't
accept that and they wouldn't budge on
that so it's just simple things of
having the accessibility and their
openness if with the Securities where I
know I said fine line
to be on with the yep in this book
security to enable people like myself
and various other disabilities to just
access things