Inclusive Healthcare - making online services and digital tools accessible to all

Welcome to our inclusive healthcare insights series, where we look at some of the barriers and opportunities people face when they access and use public health services and digital tools.

We are exploring the positive and negative user experiences of health services or products. Although these are primarily online, they are not always confined to digital. We’ll be sharing stories on how easy, or hard it is for people with ranging abilities, expectations and specific access needs to engage with online public health services and digital health apps. For example, 40% of people with a learning disability reported difficulty using health services, compared to 18% of people with no chronic health condition or impairment (MENCAP)

As well as focusing on the patient and carer experience, we’ll also investigate problems faced by people working in health, who have to use or commission digital products in a clinical or admin setting. Our research will highlight what works well for people when they seek or are referred to use health interventions, what gets in their way, and how online services and digital products help or hinder their experience.