Pritesh  Mistry 

Pritesh works in the policy team at The King's Fund where he focuses on how digital tools and technologies can improve health and care. He is particularly passionate about using evidence-based digital technology as an enabler to improve quality of care and outcomes while critically assessing buzzwords and technology as a silver bullet. Pritesh combines his understanding of technology with the broader picture of the essential ingredients needed for digital change to have an impact. This encompasses culture, unmet need, infrastructure, change management and knowledge all to improve quality, inequalities and outcomes.

Before joining the Fund, Pritesh led the innovation activity at the Royal College of General Practitioners encompassing system change, entrepreneurship, grassroots innovation and horizon-scanning. Before this he worked at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust helping to bring together clinicians and patients with research and technology to improve the care and outcomes of people with life-debilitating conditions such as heart failure.

Digital technology – the Pandora’s box of health and care

Digital technology creates both challenges and opportunities for health and care. The excitement for cutting edge technologies like AI can overshadow challenges such as digital exclusion. This session will provide a focus on some of the emerging technologies that are a priority for the NHS and social care – remote monitoring, AI and robotics. Using these technologies to explore the implications for staff, patients and carers.