Sarah  Drummond 

Sarah is a design leader, with a specialism in service and strategic design focusing on balancing the needs of people and planet. She is currently a director at The School of Good Services and runs a film production and creative studio Anthro Bricolage.

Sarah co-founded Snook, an award winning design studio and led the company as CEO for over 12 years and went on to take a role as the Chief Digital Officer at NEC. Sarah was given an honorary doctorate from the Glasgow School of Art for services to design in 2019, awarded a Google Fellowship for her work in technology and democratic innovation and was named as Good magazine’s 100 extraordinary individuals tackling global issues in creative ways for CycleHack, an initiative to reduce barriers to cycling. 

Sarah sits on the board of Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park and previously held trustee positions at Withyou, a mental health, drug and alcohol charity. 

She has a history of founding stuff including MyPolice, CycleHack, Dearest Scotland, Alloa Pride and The Matter.

She is currently directing a film on Section 28 called Don’t Say Gay, a law that banned the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities from 1988 - 2003 and touring the film Stonewall Postal Action Network in film festivals.

Workshop: Bad Services: Overcoming the barriers to service design

In this 90-minute workshop with co-director of the School of Good Services, Sarah Drummond, we’ll learn how to identify common barriers to service design within our organisation and learn some techniques and practical skills to overcome this

We'll talk really BAD services and pull apart why they failed (and we’re not just talking the user experience part) but deeper down into the depths of organisations, how they’re made, the decisions taken, and where we can play a role in fixing this.